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So, we’re all doing this crazy, crazy diet.  It’s hard a lot of the time.  Heck, even when it’s easy it still isn’t really easy.  All that meal prep and craving dodging and having to be aware of your nutritional facts and all that…it’s exhausting.  Luckily, and I’m sure most everyone here has experienced it, you see drops in your weight each week, if not daily.  A lot of the time, though, just seeing those digits on the scale doesn’t cut it.  I personally would look at them and get pretty excited every time I saw a new low, only to look in the mirror and get discouraged.  I hope that you’re all documenting your journey with a weekly picture.  It can make all the difference to keep you from feeling like you aren’t going anywhere; after all, you see yourself daily in the mirror…it’s hard to notice the subtle changes.  Even after they’re drastic, you’re so used to the incremental change that it’s easy to miss.  I also suggest getting an app called PicFrame.  It lets you put your images side by side.  Doesn’t sound that great, but just looking at that picture that was snapped is just like looking into the mirror.  But side by side for progress?  That’s a whole new, wonderful thing.

That said, I’m willing to be the first to show my journey.  Granted, it isn’t over yet.  There is more work to be done, but that’s with body building and not the diet.  I set a goal for myself for 40 pounds.  Earlier this month, I hit that goal and, like I stated previously, it was hard to see it even though I’ve been along for the whole ride.  That is, until…

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The grass ain’t always greener…

So, during the weight-loss journey, we often tout all of the benefits (of which there are a great, great many).  However, there were things that are always failed to be mentioned, I’m finding out.  For instance, those pants that you have clung to for the past several years while telling yourself you’ll one day wear them again.  You know the pair.  Well, eventually all of us are going to get to a point again where those don’t fit, but the other way ’round this time.  My “skinny Bentley” jeans of yore are now held aloft by a belt.  If I should forget said belt, gravity has its way and they are no longer aloft during a vigorous game of ping pong.  Now you have to buy new pants (which is more of a burden to me than the rest of the group.  Not to be sexist or anything, but I am the only male so far…)  And before you know it,  your valued wedding ring is lose too.  Most of the time, it is just a weird feeling to have it rocking to and fro on your finger and able to just pop it on and off as a nervous fidget.  However, you might find that the last bastion of fat stored that you lose is in your fingers.  You find this out by your ring falling off of your hand.  In the bathroom.  Into the urinal.  Twice…

But really, we’re all doing a wonderful thing.  We’re putting our health above our stomachs and fashion budgets and our pride of having to use an orange stick to fish a ring out of a urinal.  I’m sure you’re all seeing the benefits far more than the cons.  So I ask you, what really is there to complain about?


Those pesky cravings

All growing up, I’ve always had a sweet tooth.  In my home, there was never a shortage of candy or cookies and there was always a fairly large stock-pile of Little Debby snacks.  Needless to say, I didn’t exactly eat the best when I was young.

So here we are, on this diet.  I have plenty of bitter, salty, and/or sour flavors with it.  There are plenty of sweets, too, but I fear not enough to really satisfy that ever hungry tooth of mine.  Most days, I find myself day dreaming about chocolate cake, or chocolate chip cookies, candy bars…you name it.

Recently, I found myself looking at The Chive, a site with lots of random pictures.  This set in question was just one of their “Daily Awesome Randomness” ones.  As I swiped through the pictures, I came across one of a box of a dozen donuts.  Let me tell you, never in all my days have I come across something so beautiful and wondrous as that picture.  They looked immaculate and perfect in every sense of the word.  My mouth watered at the thought and I could only imagine how great they would taste.  I stared longingly at those glazed circles of wonder for what seemed like ages, though I’m sure it couldn’t have been anymore than a minute.

Finally, thankfully, I was able to break myself from the trance.  It was only then that I realized the focal point should not have been the donuts, but rather        the cleavage of the woman whose lap they sat upon.