Readjustment and a Vacation

After 6 weeks of weight loss phase I was pretty excited to go into readjustment and to top it off I had a vacation in the mix. The only problem was I was terrified that I would gain a lot or have tummy issues. The first week of readjustment I followed the plan and on vacation I tried to switch out fries for salads, toast for fruit, only part of a bun on a hamburger, and asked for extra veggies instead of a potato. As well as we walked 10 miles a day in Vegas. This made up for the martini’s, beer, doughnuts, and ice cream…… AND surprisingly when I got home and stepped on the scale I had maintained! The best thing that could have happened. This definitely gives me hope for when my weight loss phases are over. I know that I’ll be able to indulge once in awhile, walk a lot, and I can maintain!

….. Now to start the next weight loss phase.

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