Skinny Brains

Just like I have detoxed my body, I want to detox my life and all the dust bunnies in it.

Sunday. The day of rest. That, along with every other day starting at around 3:00 PM – when I get off work. For years, I have gone out of my way to never schedule anything on a Sunday or any day throughout the week, other than Friday and Saturday. This includes scheduling myself for things I should do. Looking back, I see that this was a pattern of laziness. That for some reason I couldn’t get myself to function while being upright and in motion. I only did chores when I felt stressed and I never did any sort of exercise. Somehow, just by changing what I put in my body, I am changing the way I think.

My mind feels healthier. I choose to walk on my breaks instead of sitting in the break room, because I want to. Not because the book said I should.
Though I do hate dragging myself out of my warm bed on Sunday, I do it with a smile. I choose to spend my Sunday morning at yoga, where all my stress from the week slowly leaves my body through my toes, right onto my yoga mat. I leave stronger, mentally and physically.

I tell myself, as long as I control what I am putting in my body, I think my body will take care of the rest. I hope for an ever-flowing fount of motivation. That I will always want to stay healthy because I have lived in the alternative already and that’s not a place where anyone should want to stay.




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  • Barb:

    Isn’t it interesting how changing how we think about food affects how we think about everything else? I’ve noticed that, too, although I’m not quite to the point of looking forward to walking on my break, I definitely feel better when I’m done.

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